Kentucky Opticians Committee for Political Education

KOCPE is Opticianry's State Political Advocate

The Kentucky Opticians Committee for Political Education is a voluntary, non-partisan political organization, established in accordance with the State Election Campaign Act.  KOCPE assists the Opticians Association of Kentucky (OAK), it's members and other opticians and contact lens fitters in gaining access and voicing collective concerns to key state legislators.  It is the responsibility of the OAK to represent opticianry's interests to members of the legislature and the key committees on which they serve.

KOCPE is a separate entity established to identify well-qualified candidates for public office to assist their campaigns.  KOCPE membership enables opticians to work together in support of candidates who are sympathetic to our issues and basic views.  Such collective strength allows opticianry to win new supporters and help such friends return to public office.  Members contributing to KOCPE are encouraged to share individual opinions of legislators with the Board.  Call the OAK at (606) 273-6469 if you have someone for the Board to consider.

KOCPE Needs Your Contribution Now!

No contribution is too small.  It is imperative that state legislators be educated about opticians and the dispensing services provided to Kentucky health program beneficiaries.  Each bit of progress opticians can make to introduce themselves is a step in the right direction.  (Most legislators still think opticians and optometrists are the same.)  Think of your PAC donation as an investment in the future of opticianry.  Every little bit helps!

Please make checks payable to KOCPE

*State election law permits individuals to contribute from their personal account to KOCPE.  No contributions can be accepted from an incorporated firm.  Any check written on a corporate account must be returned to the donor.