Becoming Board Certified

To become a Board Certified Optician in Kentucky, complete the following requirements:

Licensed Apprentice

An applicant who holds a valid apprentice ophthalmic dispenser license will:

Out of State Licensed Optician

An applicant who is applying for licensure based on credentials and experience will:

  • Have an active license as a dispensing optician issued by any state or territory of the United States or
    the District of Columbia that has standards at least as stringent as those required by KRS 326.040;
  • Have an active certification as a dispensing optician under the ABO and the NCLE, and at least two (2)
    years of experience as a dispensing optician, as verified under oath by both the applicant and by a sponsor
    with personal knowledge of the applicant’s work history.  The verifying sponsor must be licensed either as an ophthalmologist, an optometrist, or an optician.
  • Successfully pass a Board approved Practical Examination; and,
  • Submit a completed and signed Application for Ophthalmic Dispenser License along with an application fee.